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Retention Programs

Keeping customers boils down to doing the right things, the right way. As simple as it sounds, it's not easy to implement.

At DannaGroup, we start by identifying customer potential, understanding the value they want and how they want to be served, and implementing an omni-channel touchpoint strategy that creates value and delivers profitable growth.

A pragmatic retention program will strengthen customer relationships, build a strong competitive barrier and lay the foundation for growth.

Customer Retention Programs:

Customer Grading | Discovery | Communication Preferences | Journey Mapping | Lifecycle Management | Omnichannel Touch point Strategy

Relationship Management

The most successful CRM initiatives are grounded in strategy and have clearly defined objectives, business processes and measures.

Our solutions integrate critical ingredients of success including gaining stakeholder alignment, defining the vision and objectives, mapping business processes, developing talent, and deploying tools and technology.

man in black long sleeve shirt sitting on chair beside woman in black and white stripe
man in black long sleeve shirt sitting on chair beside woman in black and white stripe

Relationship Management Services:

Stakeholder Alignment | Business Objective & Measures | Process Mapping | Tool & Talent Development | Contact Strategy

Account Management

In business applications, integrated account management is a sure-fire way to create lasting customer relationships―at a lower expense-to-revenue ratio.

A well-designed, integrated account management program will help you better utilize your sales team, grow your existing accounts and build lasting customer relationships.

Integrated Account Management:

Customer Grading | Omni-channel Touchpoint Strategy | Account Penetration | Sales Pipeline | Metrics & Reporting

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