We offer flexible engagement options

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Advisory Services

DannaGroup offers a wide range of marketing and business development services to help you accelerate commercial growth.

Our sales and marketing advisory and consulting services are designed to optimize your customer acquisition strategies and enhance your brand's market presence. We provide hands-on, pragmatic, commercial expertise and innovative approaches to help you scale your business.

Fractional Leadership

Fractional leadership is an ideal solution for CEOs and Senior Executives who need dedicated sales and marketing leadership but may not need a long-term or full-time CMO or CSO.

A fractional solution can help you quickly acquire the proven talent you need to handle the toughest business challenges and realize your full growth potential.

Project Support

It can be challenging to find qualified, trusted hands to help get things done. Our sales and marketing professionals have years of professional experience managing and executing a variety of business initiatives.

Whether you need support managing a large-scale integration, launching a brand, developing a new product, running a campaign or implementing digital capabilities, we can provide professional support and serve as extended members of your team.

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