Successful planning requires a clear line of sight between business objectives and day-to-day operations. Yet, transforming a business is no easy task. It not only requires a well-defined plan, it also requires developing supporting processes, building advanced capabilities and coaching the right talent.

Unlock Growth Opportunities

through strategic business planning


For years, DannaGroup has been helping companies define new ways of going to market and developing the supporting tools, processes and people to help them get there.

Our planning services will help you identify growth opportunities, how best to position yourself in the market and identify the capabilities needed for success.

Planning Services:

Business Planning | Go-to-Market Strategies | Portfolio Planning | Product Roadmaps | Commercial Launches | Integration Activities | Capability Planning


To reach the desired state, your team must be equipped with the capabilities needed for success.

We can help you map business processes, build capabilities, define measurement and reporting systems, and develop talent to make your vision a reality.

Design Services:

Innovation Practices | Product Development | Value Propositions | Closed Loop Processes | Commercial Launches | Website Design


We can help you realize business outcomes from your marketing efforts. From product launches, digital campaigns, direct response programs or marketing communications, we focus on executing performance-based marketing programs that yield traceable results.

Our closed-loop processes will help you foster an atmosphere of Test, Measure & Learn and provide continuous improvement while eliminating ineffective programs.

Launch Services:

Demand Generation | Marketing Communications | Measurement and Reporting | Digital Campaigns | Testing & Experimentation | Refinement

From planning to execution, DannaGroup can assist you in every stage of the process.

Contact us for a free, no-obligation phone briefing and let us help you accelerate commercial success.